Using Cloth Diapers for Your Baby

As a mom, your first concern is to Care your Newborn Baby and keeps your baby neat, clean and hygienic. It is not an easy task because you know that babies urinate and defecate, frequently and involuntarily. The urine and defecate contains harmful chemicals which if contaminated to your baby, may lead to various skin-related complications for your newborn. Cloth diaper is the only solution for the overall wellbeing and hygiene of your child.

Need for Cloth Diapers

You may be wondering, when disposable diapers can make your child look cute, why going in for Disposable Wash Cloths. The simple answer is, the disposable diapers contain certain chemicals to make it more absorbent of urine and defecate. Think of the risk your child will be subjected to, if you use the so called technologically advanced disposable diapers. In addition, are you not adding to the land fills with such materials that may take centuries to degrade? The latest studies find 3.4 million tons of diapers fill the landfills every year.

Versatile Features

Cloth diapers are comfortable, washable, hygienic, lighter, airy, easy for changing, cost-effective, anti-wetting, anti-rash, chemical-free, eco-friendly and easy to change.

Reduction of Sperm Count

If you have a boy child, you may probably be amazed to know that disposable diapers are found to be the culprit for the recent worldwide decline in sperm count. There is an established scientific reason for the same. The testicles of a baby boy need to be kept cool and comfortable so as to be healthy enough to generate right count of sperms at his adulthood. The cloth diapers facilitate free circulation of air and the required ease and comfort to his testicles.

Bacterial Effects

When you use disposable diaper, you are contended with the conventional belief that these are designed to absorb the moisture and keep your child absolutely safe from moisture and wetness. So, you leave your child with the same diaper for quite a longer time. But bacteria are too smart to be trapped inside the diapers. Unexpected and undetected, the bacteria present in the urine and feces slip away and exert their harmful effect on your child’s skin.

Earlier Potty-Consciousness

Another interesting fact is that, if you use cloth diaper, your baby feels the wetness immediately after it pees and defecates. Thus, it becomes aware of the normal functions of the body and becomes potty-trained earlier compared to babies using other kinds of diapers.


You may have become weary and uncomfortable with the cloth nappies that you used earlier or are still using the same for your babies. You can now have respite from those tedious changing and the associated hassles. There are a number of varieties now available in the market that allow the bottom portion of your kid’s body to breathe well and at the same time, prevent any skin-rash for your kids. The Velcro fasteners make diaper changing, a “baby’s play”. The positive features and a wide range of designs, prints and colors will prompt you to go in for cloth diapers.

Modes of Using

You do not have to fold the cloth diapers as they come in pre-folded condition, facilitating easier changing.  Keep the diaper vertically on the bed in such a position that the thicker middle section remains just at the center. Thereafter, you are to fold both the left and right thinner sections to meet together at the middle.

Next, you need to take out the used diaper worn by your baby, just by unleashing the fastener and making your baby lie on to it. Ensure that the upper edge of the diaper reaches to the height of the navel of the baby. For a baby boy of smaller size, make a folding of the top frontage of the diaper and the rear for girl baby. Then, pull the sides towards the frontage of the diaper and leash it with a fastener.

Avoid using safety pins for fastening; rather use a tear tap. Have a changing table near you, so as to keep baby-related items such as powder, diaper covers, oil, soap etc.  It saves a lot of time for running to the nursery, every time you need to change the diapers.

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