How To Test Your Babies Hearing

Hearing test is basically done to test whether your baby hears properly or not. Parents are very anxious to know about how their babies respond to things and they must go through few tests to check their baby’s inability. There are lots of reasons behind the causes of fussy baby at night.

The basic intention of hearing test is to check the inability of your child in listening to sounds. This test helps to diagnose the hearing inability in children and it assists doctors to determine the impact of the disability on the child’s future. Although, the chances of hearing disability in newborns is quite low, but for such babies hearing screening programs are available.

If you fail to go for routine tests it may happen that the hearing disability in your child will remain undiagnosed for long period of time. If the problems are diagnosed early they can be treated easily.

Signs of hearing problems in children

Parents can understand if there are hearing problems in newborns with the help of some signs. Children with hearing disability are:

  • Inattentive
  • They do not respond to any sound
  • Find difficulty in pointing out the direction from where a sound is coming.
  • Mispronounce words

All these habits give a rough idea of hearing disability in children but for proper diagnose of this problem hearing tests will be helpful.

Different types of hearing tests

For babies who are 3 years old or more tests like Otoacoustic Emissions abbreviated as OAE and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) are perfect. These tests are quick and painless. Any potential problems of hearing in your child cab be diagnosed with these tests.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE): In this test a tiny probe is put in to the ear which detects the echoes of the sound produced in the ear and the response produced by the ear. It also detects if there are any complications in the ear canal, cochlea or the ear drums.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR):  In this test the electrical activity in the nerves and the brain after hearing any sound is recorded with the help of electrodes which are kept on the head. The test is capable of determining any type of problem in the inner ear or the nerves.

The hearing tests described above are reliable and take hardly 5-15 minutes. Hospitals prefer the above two tests both these methods are pocket-friendly and are also easily available. Both the methods are equally good and are complementary to each other. These methods can be adopted to diagnose hearing disabilities in babies.

The interpretation of these hearing tests

The hearing tests done above are based on computer technology. They test the response of the babies to certain sounds and then give a final result. In case the result of the test is negative it does not mean that the child cannot hear, but it means that the child needs to go through further tests.

In some cases babies with very less hearing disability may also be declared fail. When the sound wave does not reach the cochlea or faces any disruption in reaching the cochlea this test shows a negative result. But there may be other reasons of the negative result. If the baby cries during the test the result may be fail.

Hearing tests tones are also used to check this disability specially used in case of children who are not properly developed. The process uses a screener which means the child is shown images of known things like a doll, car or a ball and the sound is lowered to check if the child responds. Lots of websites are available online which conducts these tests. A simple earphone and a quiet room can do this test within few minutes.

Apart from conducting a hearing test for toddlers, you must also take your child for regular health checkups. Hence, regular checkups of you baby is very important to diagnose him completely. Although health issues in a child are rare but parents take their child for regular checkups as if any problem is diagnosed early it can be solve easily.

Apart from regular tests you must also choose the best oil massage for your baby. Oil massages keeps your baby healthy and fit.

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