Teaching Your Baby in the Womb

It is a known fact that a baby starts learning in the womb itself. Few mothers may find it weird but yes you’ll be surprised to know that you can start teaching your baby in the womb itself. In this article, you will find few techniques which will be helpful to enhance the brain and senses of your baby before it comes into the world.

Teaching methods of an unborn baby is obviously different than the normal teaching techniques. Science has proved that a baby after the completion of its first trimester can recognize the stimuli around them. The babies if taught in the womb itself grow up as smarter human beings than others. When in womb babies recognize sound and simulations. Their brain develops and they are prepared from the womb itself to face the external conditions.

Parental massage methods can also be adopted to have a healthier and smarter baby. Regular massage refreshes the baby. Parents especially mothers must also start teaching her baby as soon as she reach the end of the first trimester of her pregnancy period.

How to teach a baby in the womb?

Mothers during their pregnancy are often found talking with their babies in her womb. They talk about their future and hence it’s a healthy way to establish a connection with the baby. On the other hand, it also helps to grow the brain of the babies. Even if baby inside the womb does not respond but he feels or listens to all the external activities. Mothers should keep talking to their babies as it helps in the development of the brains of the baby. Listening to music, reading books are techniques to teach a baby inside the womb.

  • Environment:

Mothers should select a quieter place to teach her baby as a peaceful environment plays an important role for the baby inside the womb. She should be away from smoking zone. In a peaceful environment she can sit comfortable in a chair with an earphone. She can listen to soft music and can also keep the device on her stomach for her baby to hear.

  • Family members and father:

It is not only the mothers who need to teach their babies but the fathers also play an important role. Father and the mother can read out some stories with moral values to their babies. They can together read stories and explain the story to their baby. The family members can also talk to the baby in group. This enhances the voice recognition capacity in babies. Your baby gets familiar to all the voices he hears. It establishes a strong connection between the babies and his family members.

  • Thoughts and Feelings:

Mothers during pregnancy must keep a check on what she thinks. Whatever she thinks has a direct impact on the baby’s mind. Therefore, a mother should always have positive thoughts in her mind and she must always be happy. Beautiful surrounding and different fragrances can also keep her happy and lively. When a woman is pregnant her baby can also sense the smell which she senses and hence it is an excellent way to create positivity. It also helps to develop the senses of the baby.

  • Enjoy all the flavors:

Baby in the womb can directly taste what his mother tastes. Therefore, a mother should always enjoy all the flavors she has during her pregnancy. An amniotic fluid which is produced in the amniotic sac transfers the taste to the baby. Mothers who have all the flavors might have babies who also do not find any trouble in eating anything.

The techniques mentioned above play an important role in the development of brains of the babies. Their senses are developed since they are in the womb itself. But for a healthy baby a pregnant woman must follow a strict diet full of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Regular exercises must be done by her and she should not have caffeinated coffee. It is also advisable to practice yoga during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must consult a trainer or a professional before doing any yogasana. She should regularly do the asanas suggested by her trainer for a healthy pregnancy. Take proper care for a better tomorrow.

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