Safety & Ease During Your Baby’s Bath

Bathing your baby is always an issue for a new parent. They are inexperienced and tensed for the baby’s health and the baby tend to behave unpredictably in water. These make a confusion for the parent and they happen to hire someone experienced to bathe the baby. No matter how safe it seems, it should always be on mind that no one but a mother can give the sheer care to her baby. There are so many things you are doing for the first time like making baby cereal at home, introducing new food to little one with great effort and many more. So why not bathing?

Bathing your baby can strengthen the bond between you two. Besides it could be real fun to see him/her playing with water as babies tend to love it. This could be the moments of real joy and satisfaction in your life but on the other hand there are some threats as well. Being in water for a long time may cause your baby some health issues, besides there are some intimidation regarding other bathroom issues like electricity, slipperiness, bathing commodities etc.

So here is a rough guideline to bathe your baby safely and enjoy the experience without ant bitter memories.

Guideline for bathing a newborn

It gets difficult when you try to bathe your new born. The most difficult thing is that s/he has gained no head control yet and any kind of misbalance can result in severe accident. Besides the skin of the baby is also very slippery and allergic to many things that you don’t have a clear view of.

  • You better make a checklist for the new born long before you take him/her to bathroom. They tend to sleep for most of the time so you should schedule it considering their time table. It would be better to do it in the morning because the warm water will soothe the baby for the rest of the day resulting better sleep. The no of baths per week, time and duration should be pre-defined so make a checklist for newborns. It is advised to bathe your baby once or twice in a week but you can wipe your infants body with hot towels once a day and clear his/her genitals regularly.
  • Your busy schedule is not excusable to interrupt this time. There is no chance you are going to leave the baby while bathing to receive a call or open the door. Remember the one you holding there is the most sensitive and precious thing of your life and you would never like to risk it so plan accordingly.
  • Arrange the baby bathtub with care. Choose the proper size for the baby and a rubber mat is must to avoid slipperiness. Besides, the all required items like soap, oil, warm water, moisturizer (all doctor prescribed) should be at right places. There is no room for gaucherie as it may result in unwanted consequences.
  • The most important thing is the temperature. They are used to womb temperature so the bathroom temperature should be accordingly. It’s better to keep the room temperature at around 75o F where the water is expected to be around 90o
  • It’s always better to be with the baby during bathing as it may soothe him. You should always check the water temperature with finger tips to avoid any burn then slide the baby smoothly in the tub placing a hand on his/her neck constantly. The water level must not be more than 2/3 inch reaching maximum to the belly.
  • Use prescribed soap only and apply it everywhere except the face as it may cause irritation. Use disposable washcloths to wipe the baby’s face after bath.
  • Cover the baby immediately after the bathing and seek help from someone if you’re finding it too much to handle.

Instruction to bathe your older kids

Kids love to play in the water and you have control over him/her so this is a lot easier task. Still few things need attention.

  • The water temperature is an issue here as well. Make it appropriate for your toddler or older kids.
  • They happen to love be in water for long time so always decide the time span first as it can cause ailments later. It’s better to be with them and make them sit on your stretched legs.
  • Don’t let them play with the soapy water for too long as it may cause irritation in skin and severely damage the genitals.
  • Keep some bright colored toys there and moreover always keep an eye.

Keeping all these basic things on mind, you should feel confident to bathe your baby. Have a happy bath!

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