Playing With Your Newborn

Having a baby is an all new experience for the mother. And for the baby it is a new world as well. Both baby and mother are trying to explore and get used to the new environment. If you are having the baby for the first time, there are many things which one has to learn with each passing day. The babies grow really fast and with time parents also have to learn, how to play with their new born. There are various ways through which one can play with their new born and make him learn new things in a play way method. An extra effort is required to provide homely care for the premature baby as they are quite sensitive.

Why playing is important?

As the baby reaches one month of age he or she starts spending time awake as well. Now is the time when you can play with your baby and check out his or her responses. It has been proved that playing is the only method through which baby learns and grasp the things quite fast. It is through this method itself that parents can imbibe various good habits, how to communicate and response among babies.  Before you start playing with your baby it is important to understand when the right time to play with your new born. If the child seems active and responsive, you can go ahead, however if he or she is feeling drowsy, you just have to let him rest.

Let’s find out what are the various ways through which one can play with their new born

Colorful Extensions

Colors are the best way to grab the attention of the baby. If you want your child to response just hang various kinds of colorful extensions to the crib of the baby. This will definitely develop interest in your baby.


Nothing can beat the effect of music on the babies. Babies love to hear to songs and lullabies. You can make your babies listen to various kinds of soothing and melodious songs which he will enjoy. As your baby grows, you can make him listen to the poems and rhymes which he can easily learn and recite. It is also suggested that mothers should sing songs to their babies as they will recognize the sound of their mother and respond to it.

Audio Visual Aids

Various kinds of audio visual aids are also available in the market which can be used to develop motor skills in the babies. There are talking parrots, dancing dolls and barking dogs that are specially designed to grab the attention of the baby and make him laugh and have fun.

Playing Peekaboo with New Born

All of us have grown playing peekaboo with our parents. Now it’s our turn to play the same game with our babies. It is really a fun game in which we hide our face behind our hands and then show our face again. You will see that your baby enjoys this very much and also starts recognizing your face with each passing day. One can also make funny faces and see your baby laugh with immense joy.

Play the Game of Crawling

If your baby is more than five months old, you can easily play the game of crawling. In this, move away from him and ask him to crawl towards your side or towards the sound of his favourite rattle. This will help in enhancing the motor skills as well as direction sense in your baby.

 Enhance Sensory Touch

It is better to give your baby various kinds of soft and colorful toys which will help to develop sensory touch in your baby and also help him to identify his favourite toy.

Start Talking

Talking to baby is most important to develop communication skill in your baby. As you talk you will see that your baby has started responding to your voice.


Playing with newborn is a great joy which all of us must enjoy.  It is not necessary that these are the only games that one can play and make baby learn. Apart from above given methods kangaroo care method is also very popular.

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