Oil Massage For Your Baby

When thinking about a soothing and smooth body massage you are not alone who would love to enjoy the experience. Your baby would also like the gentle hands of an oil massage relaxing. This is due to the five senses, and the sense of touch I one that mostly gets developed at the time of birth and there would be research for suggesting that infant massage would have great benefits that helps your babies thrive and grow.

How can the infant massage provide advantages to your little ones? The massage can help your baby’s tummy teething pains and troubles, calm him while being fussy, boost development of muscle and soothe for sleeping. However, the benefits would not only end here as the massage also helps you to establish bond. Massaging kids and babies with oil is an ancient practice that is rapidly gaining today, as your baby gets a number of benefits associated with it. You can read more on knowing about different tips for massaging the baby in the right way and test your baby’s hearing.

An oil massage would be necessary for the baby and would prove to be highly beneficial in a number of ways. Giving a relaxing massage to the baby would actually be an age-old practice that would be more than just a massage as it would almost be like an art. There are numerous massage techniques which are specially devised for helping in maintenance of the baby’s overall health. It is widely known that oil massage is much better than various other remedies in a number of health problems that might occur in babies and infants.


All babies require relaxation, as these get introduced to various kinds of things everyday which they need to adjust to. An oil massage can help on relaxing the baby and feel good all over.

When the oil massage gets done on regular basis, massaging would help in relaxing the muscles. It provides relief from a number of problems that are being experienced by the baby like body pain, digestive issues and other problems.

It would also be a great for bonding with the baby! This would help you to strengthen the relationship between the child and parent, as it provides them with the required space to get together and communicate with each other in many ways.

Tips to effectively massage your baby

Baby massage has a number of benefits and is simple to perform. One might experience the baby gaining weight with increased growth and becoming much healthier due to the massage. There are many tips for providing a great massage for your baby and taking care of your baby’s skin.

Before massaging it would be better to bathe your baby well and clean. After bathing the baby, one must use dry towel for cleaning baby and sprinkling talcum powder around the body.

You can remove accessories, before you begin massaging your baby. Baby skin is delicate and soft; hence the finger rings and bracelets would result in hurting the child. It is advisable to cut your nails as this might irritate or harm your baby.

One must begin the massage after rubbing oil on the body of the baby. However, before you do that you should have all necessary things ready such as the tissues, diapers, baby massage oil and fresh type of clothes. For the massaging oil selection one can consider different oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil and many other good baby oils available in the market. Consulting your doctor would be a good idea to know which suits best for your little one.

Place carpet on the surface where you’ll be massaging your kid. On the carpet you have to spread a towel which is furry and soft, so that the baby feels comfortable. Remove the baby clothes and put him with face up on the carpet.

Now you can begin massaging your baby after applying baby oil. Warming the oil is recommended as it helps well in the entire massaging process. However, the oil shouldn’t be too warm.

While massaging you must always be careful and shouldn’t put much pressure on the body of the baby; especially the neck and spine area. The neck region is delicate and might simply get hurt with a small mistake.

Thus, massaging appropriately with proper care is recommended for the baby. Baby massage improves immune system and also provides help in improving baby skin color.

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