The Necessity Checklist for Newborns

A bundle of happiness and pleasure is associated in welcoming a new baby. And every parent wants to give their new born babies all the comfort and coziness from the day of their birth. This requires the need of checklist for the newborns.  Based on different purposes, there are different sections of the checklist. As the newborns needs a lot of attention and care from their parents. Therefore, preparing a checklist helps the parents to nursing and taking care of the newborns in all possible ways. Things become easy if the mothers can get a print of the checklist of the items required by the newborns while they go out for shopping.

Important Items To Be Purchased

Clothing Requirements

It is very important to have a collection of all kinds of clothing materials beforehand in order to avoid any haste. The parents must keep in mind that the material of the clothing should be soft and comfortable. Some clothing essentials can be:

  • 5 pair of trousers
  • 5 short sleeves t-shirts
  • 5 long sleeve t-shirts
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 soft caps
  • 6 pair of socks
  • 4 night suits
  • 3 jackets

Bathing Requirements

While buying essentials for bathing one must take care if the products are of good quality. Safety and ease during the baby’s bath should be kept in mind. In case of any side effects seen by the usage of the products, they should immediately be replaced. Few bathing essentials are given below:

  • 3 soft towels
  • Swaps preferably of cotton
  • hair brush having soft bristles
  • baby nail cleaners and cutters
  • 2 bottles body wash
  • 1 bottle baby shampoo
  • 2 baby bathing tubs
  • 2 plastic water mugs

Feeding Requirements

When it comes to feeding a baby, the parents should be very careful and conscious about selecting the most nutritious and healthy baby products for the child. The mothers facing problems while breastfeeding their babies, should also opt alternatives very wisely. Some of the feeding essentials are as follows:

  • 2-3 containers for storing milk
  • 1 breast pump
  • Good quality nursing pads
  • Baby formula
  • 2-4 bottles
  • Sterilizer for bottles and containers
  • 3-4 nursing bras
  • 1 thermos flask
  • 2 soft breastfeeding pumps

Diaper Requirements

Diaper rashes are a very common phenomenon seen in babies. A very proper care is required to be taken to avoid and cure these rashes. Changing the diapers periodically helps in reducing the infection. Carefully buying good quality diaper essentials which are enlisted below is also helpful in this regard. They are:

  • Disposable cotton wipes
  • Diaper rash lotion
  • 15 cotton diapers
  • 15 diaper pins

Bedtime Requirements

The parents should make sure that the bed is completely clean and the baby is in a loosely fit clothes before going to the bed, apart from the essentials which are mentioned as follows:

  • 2 thick blankets
  • 3 light thin blankets
  • 4-5 waterproof covering for the mattress
  • 4-5 covers for the bed

Safety Requirements

Safety of newborns always remains a matter of concern. These requirements should not be overlooked. Few safety essentials are highlighted below:

  • Locks should be bought for the cabinets, toilets, stair gates and ovens.
  • 1 safety belt in the car for infants
  • Bumpers should be prepared before the fireplace
  • 3-4 pacifiers
  • Digital thermometers for infants
  • Cord winders
  • 2 clothing hampers
  • Night bulbs or lights of very low wattage
  • Several baby toys
  • soft toys
  • artwork for the nursery
  • safety gate before stairs
  • 3 spoons for giving medicines to the baby
  • 2 baby carriers

New Born Memories Requirements

Memory is the only thing that persists and one always derive pleasure from it. Therefore, one must prepare wisely for capturing memories. Some of the essentials are mentioned below.

  • Picture journals for the baby
  • Colorful photo albums
  • Kit for prints of baby’s feet and hands
  • Scrapbooks
  • Good quality camcorder
  • Digital camera of high resolution
  • Photos frames

When things are to be arranged for the new born babies, the parents can never get enough. A continuous thought of missing some or the other important thing will always keep on lingering around their minds. The parents often get swamped by the advices given by the elders about the various essential requirements of the new born babies. But, parents should avoid all the confusion and prepare well for the newborns. And, homely care for pre mature baby should be given.

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