Making Baby Cereal At Home

With the mental and physical development of the baby, s/he changes the food habit. The parents should be very careful during this period. This is the time when you introduce new foods to your baby, helps him in growing new food related habits. The finger foods, vegetable purees or fruits happen to get replaced by semisolid foods. Formerly the baby depends on the breast milk or formulated milk but it’s better to build a new food habit for him.

Though the baby may seem to hold the solid food or imitate to eat it, you should always consult your doctor before introducing solid food to him. During the semisolid period of time, it’s proved to be pretty effective if you provide him with homemade cereals. This is safe for the baby also meets all the nutrition requirements.

During 4-6 months of age babies start the culinary transition which makes them switch to semisolids. They may seem to get attracted towards the solids as well but they tend to push foods out of their mouth. It would be better not to try new recipes every day or it may affect the food habit of your baby. It’s wise to wait at least a week before changing the recipe.

The baby may be allergic to different items so the mother should choose the materials wisely. It’s more important when the family shows any genetic disorder. Rice and oats are two basic elements to start with as they are not allergic to these. In case of any trouble (rashes in toddlers, allergies), consulting your pediatrician is a must.

Brown rice is a very good choice for homemade cereals but it definitely needs to be whole grain. You must store it in a airtight container in a dry atmosphere. The main to keep in mind is not to use any kind of “instant” or “quick-made” ingredient for cereal for the baby as they contain harmful preservatives and chemicals.

Here are some recipes that will help you in making homemade cereal for your baby.

Cereal of rice power

The ingredients you will need are water, white or brown rice power, milk formula which can be replaced with breast milk. The water you need will need is 8mi or one cup, brown or white powder rice will be ¼ cup in quantity.


You should start with boiling the water and then add the rice powder in it and keep stirring throughout the time. Leave the blend and let it simmer. You can occasionally stir it once in a while. At last add the breast or formulated milk and thicken the mixture with help of it and serve.

Cereal of whole rice

Here you will be needing white or brown whole grain rice in quantity of ¼ cup where you have to avoid any kind of “quick-mix”, 1 cup of water and breast milk of ½ cup.


Start with boiling the water, mix the rice powder to it and keep stirring occasionally. Leave the preparation for simmering and in the end add milk as required. Remember too-thick or too-thin can be disliked by the baby.

Cereal of whole oat

Like all the preparation water, whole grain oat and breast or formulated milk are needed here.

First grind the oats and make a powder with help of a blender. Mix water and the power and put it in a pan for heating. Stir to stop it from sticking. Add the milk and make it smooth. Millet or quinoa can also be used in this preparation.

Barley cereal

¼ cup of barley that is grinded and water. Mix both of them and start heating until it is boiled. Leaving it for 10-15 min will be fine as it needs some time to simmer. Then milk is added to thicken it and then served it cool.

Oats and banana cereal

The ingredients needed are, cereal of dry oatmeal (1/4 cup), 1/3 cup mashed bananas along with ¾ cup of breast or formula milk. First mix the oatmeal and ½ cup milk and boil the mixture, keep stirring to prevent sticking. At last add the bananas and the rest of the milk.

These are some of the homemade cereals that helps the mother to ensure her baby’s health. From breast milk to MacDonald’s the baby seem to change a lot of food habits and this semi solid cereals plays a great role in their development. These can be stored in refrigerator and can be recooked for further use but all these must include the advice of a proper pediatrician.

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