Kangaroo Care Method For New Born

Newborns are very fragile and soft. They require extra care as they have to adjust to the new environment. This situation becomes all tougher for the premature baby as his organs and systems are not fully developed to help him survive in the new world on his own.  In order increase the rate of survival of the premature baby, a new kind of technique called kangaroo care method has been developed which is quite effective in taking care of your newborn baby.

Let’s find out more about this technique

History of Kangaroo Method

The credit of invention of this technique goes to Columbia. In earlier years, there were no such high end facilities available which could help in saving the life of the pre mature baby. To increase the survival rate of the newborns, kangaroo care formula was devised which comprised of holding the baby close to the skin which would render several benefits to the baby.

How it is followed

In this method baby is held close to the skin of the parents. Mothers can hold the baby between the breasts and fathers can hold the baby close to his chest. The baby is required to wear only the diaper as it will allow maximum exposure to the skin of the parents. The neck and the head are left free to move and blanket is taken from the top to cover the baby. This method has proved to give not only physical benefits but also psychological benefits to the baby. As the baby is carried by the parents similar to that of kangaroo it is called Kangaroo method. As this method is most suited for the premature baby, it becomes necessary to confirm from the doctor that baby is fit enough to breathe on its own.

Various benefits of Kangaroo Care Method

Regulate Body Temperature

As the premature baby is very weak, he requires extra care to stay healthy. Moreover, his body temperature is also below normal. This method which consists of skin to skin touch helps to regulate and maintain the body temperature of the newborn or premature baby. Besides, it also provides strong bond formation between the parent and the baby.

Sense of Comfort

As the baby is always kept near the heart, he can easily hear rhythmic sound of the heart that gives him the secured feeling that was present inside the womb. This sense of familiarity helps to render secured feeling to the baby that supports growth of the baby.

Regulate Body Weight

As the baby feels comfortable and secured, there is continuous gain in the body weight as well. As most of the pre mature babies are underweight, this method has proved a boon for the mothers to ensure healthy growth of the babies.

Sleeps Longer

Babies love when someone is near to them all the time. And kangaroo method provides just that as the baby is always near to one of the parent, he or she sleeps well and for the longer duration as well. This aids in increasing his or health.

Enhances Immune System

As the day’s passes, there is increase in the heart rate of the baby and there is tremendous improvement in the overall immune system of the baby which allows him to fight various diseases and increase his survival rate.

Onset of Motherly feeling

This method is sure to develop motherly feeling in the mother as baby is close to her most of the time. This results in release of special hormones that are useful in forming strong bond between the baby and the mother.


Kangaroo method has proved to be of great importance in caring for the pre mature baby, though this method is beneficial for almost all the babies. This method develops strong bond between the mother and baby that helps in improving the overall health of the baby without need of any medical intervention.  This method also allows playing with your newborn while taking care of him as he is attached to your body all the time. So, there is nothing to worry if you are having pre mature baby as you now know simple and comforting method to take care of your loved one.

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