Homely Care For Premature Baby

Welcoming a new born baby is a thing of great excitement for every parent. But, with the excitement comes a great sense of responsibility. And, if the new born is a premature baby, then it doubles the responsibility on the part of the parents. The parents often remain confused about the methods of nursing and caring their babies.

Even after getting continuous aid and advice from the doctors regarding taking care of the baby, a constant feeling of anxiety remains in the minds of the parents. Though, the mother has to go through a lot of distress while nourishing a new born baby, yet playing with the newborn is an overwhelming feeling. So, together with this feeling of excitement and anxiety, the mother must keep in mind the various important guidelines and must try to abide by them. Preparing checklist for newborns is also be helpful in this regard.

Important Guidelines For Nusring A Pre Mature Baby

The guidelines not only make it convenient for the mothers in nourishing their newborns, but also helps the baby in getting all the nourishment in a proper and a healthy manner. Some of them are given as follows:

Holding The Baby In A Proper Manner

While taking care of a new born, it is very important for the care taker to know the correct and the proper holding position of the baby both when he is awake and asleep. The most delicate part of the baby is his head and it needs intense support all the time. The baby should always be lifted gently by placing the hand at the back of his head and the supporting his back by placing the other hand on his hips. This way of gripping the baby balances the total weight of the baby on your hands. This technique of holding the baby is termed as containment holding. It is also the safest method of holding the newborns.

Correct Feeding Methods

Feeding the newborns has always been a serious concern for the mothers. Though, breastfeeding is extremely satisfying and builds an emotional attachment between the mother and the child, but when it comes to a pre mature baby, breastfeeding cannot be always thought of to be the only option. The baby might face problems in slurping the mother’s milk on account being too fragile. This is the reason why some doctors recommend the mothers to pump the milk and feed him through the bottle. This technique might appear a bit difficult to some mothers initially. But, knowing and following the technique accordingly will eliminate the difficulty gradually. The mother must also seek doctor’s advice as and when required.

Adequate Time For Sleep And Relaxation

It is very important that the pre mature baby sleep for an ample amount of time. According to doctors, the pre mature baby has a tendency to sleep more, though not continuous. A pre mature baby must take a sleep of at least 10 hours. Therefore, special care should be taken in managing the surrounding of the baby so that he gets an undisturbed sleep. Care should be taken if the baby is sleeping in correct position or not. Soft and firm mattress should be preferred.

Guarding From Various Infections

As the pre mature baby takes birth before the gestation period is over, therefore, his immune system is weak. This is the reason why they are prone to more infections. The baby should not be taken to public places. Feeding bottles, spoons and cups should be well sterilized. Make sure that the hands of any person touching the baby is completely clean. The baby may also suffer from respiratory problems. So, he should be kept in a clean and a well-ventilated room.


Homely Care For Premature Baby

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Care To Be Taken While Bathing The Baby

The bathing water for the baby should be lukewarm. With one hand placed behind his head and the other supporting his back, the baby should be gently kept over the bathing tub. Baby wash and shampoo should be gently applied to the baby. After rinsing with water, the face and body of the baby should be carefully wiped. To get the baby completely dry, he should be wrapped with a soft towel for a while. Water should not be poured randomly, rather gently and with utmost care.

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