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Helpful Tips to Choose Bath Products for Your Baby

A baby’s skin is extremely delicate hence it is very important to keep a check on the products you use for your baby. Parents must look for products which do not contain harmful chemicals and protects their baby from allergies and rashes. Bottle Feeding Information is also very important for parents of newborn babies.

Concerned parents often go to the market to shop products for their baby. The products include baby soaps, shampoos, talc, and the baby lotion which gives their baby a beautiful fragrance. But are these products good for your baby’s skin? Although many products claim so but they must not be trusted easily as your baby’s skin is very gentle. Therefore, parents must be very careful while buying anything for their baby.

Check the ingredients of the product

Parents might be shocked to know that the products they buy for their babies have lots of harmful chemicals. Therefore, whenever you go to buy baby products keep in mind that you avoid buying products with the following ingredients:

  • Formaldehyde and the preservatives which release formaldehyde which includes diazolidinyl urea, boronol, imidazolidinyl urea and many more.
  • PEG compounds and 1,4-dioxane containing products must also be avoided.
  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole which is abbreviated as BHA
  • Phthalates which cause damage to the lungs, liver and kidneys.

Be careful with fragrances

There are lots of products in the market which if used makes your baby smell good. But lots of fragrances have lots of chemicals in it which harms your baby. Few fragrances can also disrupt the hormones of the baby and can cause allergies.

Bubble bath must be avoided

Cocamidopropyl betain and sodium laureth sulfate are present in large quantities in the body washes and bubble baths. The body washes also contains lots of fragrance and hence the risk of skin rashes increases. These products cause allergies, irritation and other problems in your baby’s skin.

Do not soak your baby into the tub for bubble baths for long time as their skin will absorb the chemicals. It will be better if the frequency of bubble baths is reduced. Use soaps which do not produce much lather and are not harmful for your baby.

Say no to harmful bath products

For bathing your baby you need not buy lots of products. The strong body soaps and the body washes must be strictly avoided by parents. Select products which are safe for your baby as the ones with harmful chemicals strip a layer off your baby’s skin.

Choose the product with good reviews

Lots of surveys are done on a regular basis on lots of products available in the market. Reject the products which have been accused of containing harmful chemicals. Make a wise decision while buying bathing products for your baby with the help of the reviews given to the products.

Sensitive skin requires more attention

There are babies whose skin is more sensitive. The effect of rashes and allergies can be seen more in such babies. Like if you baby is already suffering from eczema you must provide your baby a gentle bath with an eczema relief shampoo and your baby will feel relieved. There are many more shampoos which resolve skin problems in babies.

Prefer using natural bath products

Natural products must always be preferred over the chemical ones as they do not have any negative impact on your baby. Lots of companies are there who produce natural products keeping in mind the healthy skin of your baby. The natural ingredients used to prepare these products are tear- free and keeps your baby’s skin smooth and healthy.

Few natural bath products are:

  • Aveeno baby which is a gentle shampoo
  • Nurture my body baby shampoo and body wash
  • Opas Soap Baby & Me

There are lots of manufactures who produce 100 % natural products while there are others who just use “natural” tag line to sell the products. Therefore, do not just go after the label but do check the ingredients of the product. Take wise decision when you go out to buy products for your baby.

Proper care and attention from the day you conceive builds a bond with your baby in the womb. So, learn to care your newborns.

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