Health Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga undoubtedly has many benefits on human health. During pregnancy also regular practice of yoga is helpful in keeping the mother and the baby healthy. Parental massage also has lots of benefits associated with it.

Yoga is an ancient art which is practiced to keep oneself mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. It is mostly practiced in Asian civilizations but nowadays people in western world are also practicing it for the huge benefits involved with yoga. Yoga enhances breathing power, blood circulations and concentration power in an individual.

During pregnancy it is advised to practice yoga since it has a non-ending list of benefits. If yoga is done regularly it will help a woman have a less painful delivery. Mothers must note the proper postures of yoga which they can do. Proper posture and regular practice is very important to reap the benefits of yoga.

Yoga during pregnancy is beneficial

Lots of questions run through a mother’s mind as to how to keep herself and her baby healthy. A woman must combine yoga with walking for staying healthy. She can join yoga classes or can practice herself at home. Lots of videos are available online which teaches a mother the correct posture of asanas. The benefits of yoga are listed below:

An improved blood circulation

Yoga enhances blood circulation in the body. It thus reduces the swelling problem which is very common in woman during pregnancy. Regular yoga can reduce the chances of swelling during pregnancy by improving the blood circulation.

Improves flexibility

Yoga also improves the flexibility of muscles. Regular stretching in yoga can make the muscles and the bones stronger. This must be practiced especially by women who suffer from pain in their lower back. It relieves a pregnant woman from back pain and helps her maintain a good posture.

Reduces Stress

Yoga not only keeps you physically fit but it also keeps you mentally healthy. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy lot of women suffer from lots of stress and other related problems. Apart from physical pain they may suffer from nausea, sickness, headaches and many more. Therefore, they must practice yoga on a regular basis to reduce their mental stress.

Prepares you for the labor

Labor pain is the most painful thing a woman has to go through. If they practice yoga regularly throughout their pregnancy they feel less stressed and are also comparatively fit. Yoga teaches the women to locate where the tension is in her body and release them. Therefore, during delivery this technique helps her and hence she experiences lesser pain.

Improves oxygen supply in the body

There are lots of exercises in yoga which enhances the supply of oxygen in one’s body. Proper oxygen supply is very essential for a pregnant mother. It benefits the health of the mother and her child.

During pregnancy women must make sure that they practice only the exercises which have been suggested to them by an experienced doctor. They must keep in mind that all the exercises are not meant to be done during pregnancy. Once the doctor prescribes the exercises then only you should do them. There are lots of exercises which can be done during pregnancy. They are:

  • Tree Pose
  • Warrior Pose
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Cat-cow pose
  • Squatting
  • Cobbler’s Pose

The above mentioned poses are believed to be safe if done by a pregnant woman. In case you feel any complications while doing them or if you are not comfortable with them inform your trainer. Pregnant women must also have lots of water to keep their body hydrated and they must also have healthy food.

Every mother’s concern is her baby’s health whether it is inside her womb or outside. Mothers work hard to grow her baby with the best love and care. There is undoubtedly a special bond with your baby in the womb because for your baby you are ready to accept everything which keeps him healthy. The regular care and interaction with the baby establishes a beautiful bond with your baby. So take care from the day you conceive and you along with your baby will surely stay healthy forever. Work hard today for a healthier tomorrow.

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