Handling Rashes in Toddlers

Rashes and various other skin irritations in toddlers has nowadays become an issue for every parent. Skin irritation make toddlers feel annoyed and disturbed due to the uneasiness. Therefore it is very important for the parents to figure out the reason of rashes and skin irritation so that they can opt for the required treatment and medications at the earliest.

Exanthem is the medical name specified for rash. It is a certain agitation felt on the skin. Generally, there is an appearance of red spots too which may also lead to change of the color and texture of the skin. Rashes may either appear locally on a certain part of the body or even all over the body.  Sometimes, rashes are taken light by many parents considering it not to last for a long time. But, such a kind of carelessness should be avoided and the parents must consult a good physician.

Various Kinds Of Rashes:

There can be various reasons of rashes like insect bite, side effects of a specific drug or baby formula. Infection can also lead to rashes. Apart from the basic symptoms of a rash, there are other specific indicators too which vary according to the causes.

Diaper Rash:

Diaper rash generally comes about when the diapers of the babies are not changed periodically. The body part which gets affected are lower abdomen, buttocks, thigh folds and genital area of the babies.


Ointments such as zinc oxide can be applied on the infected area. Some toddlers might be allergic to the material used in the diaper. So, cotton diapers are mostly acclaimed to avoid this problem. Parents must opt for proper medical treatment if the rashes get intensified.


In order to differentiate it from German measles, measles is termed as hard or regular measles. Paramyxovirus is the name of the virus that causes measles. An effective vaccine which is obtainable in the market prevents measles. The symptoms like high fever, cough, reduced appetite, rashes over the body including face and redness of eyes are most prominent in measles.


Rashes can be reduced by monitoring the body temperature of the child. A proper medicine can also be given to the child after consulting the doctor.

German Measles:

Rubella is also a term used for German measles. Rubivirus is the name of the virus that is responsible for the disease. This virus firstly affects the face of the child which can be seen by pink rashes over the face. The rashes soon spread all over the body. The symptoms are high fever and swelling containing lymph at the back of the ear.


The parents should immediately take the child to the doctor as the disease causes high fever. The child should also be given prescribed medicines.

Chicken Pox:

Vericella is also the name specified for chicken pox. Vericella-Zosters the name of the virus that cause the disease. It is highly communicable but the rash is not injurious to health. The symptoms of chicken pox are high fever, sore in the throat, weakness and appearance of red itchy rash all over the body. The above symptoms start appearing after 15 to 20 days of infection.


Different vaccines are present in the market that helps in preventing the disease. Various cooling lotions and gels are also used in getting relief from the agitation and the rashes.

Handling Rashes in Toddlers

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Scarlet Fever:

Strep throat is also a name used for referring scarlet fever. Bacteria called Streptococcat causes scarlet fever. High fever and sore in the throat are the two most specific symptoms of the disease. Rashes also appear all over the body of the child after two to three days of the infection. The rashes are itchy and red in appearance.


As the sore in the throat is too painful, so, a moist towel can be used to wrap around the child’s neck. This could be pain relieving. Safety and ease during the baby’s bath should be kept in mind. The rash is highly communicable. This can be prevented if the child is made to wash his hands after every fixed period of time.


Appearance of rashes over the face and body of a child can be due to various reasons. Therefore, parents should always try to seek proper medical advice before giving any medicine to the child. The above mentioned disease leads to weakness, so, parents should introduce new food to the baby which would help them in getting cured faster.

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