Guidelines Of Prenatal Nutrition

A mother takes care of her baby even before s/he is born. The growth and development completely depend on the diet the mother goes through throughout the gestation age. So this is a very important time for both. Proper diet can lead you to a healthy delivery and eventually a healthy baby. Fruits and vegetables are always healthy choices. So adding it to your favorite dishes will make a perfect blend of health and taste.

Parental nutrition concerns with the weight gain of the mother and the development of the baby. The growth of a baby in the womb will always have an impact in later life so always choose your diet wisely. There are many food healthy for you but not for the baby. So always consult the doctor and pay attention to any kind of allergy or irritation.

A major problem a mother face during pregnancy is amnesia. This is the scarcity of blood cell in the mother’s body. This is as serious issue for a mother and needs immediate attention. There are two types of amnesia, “dilution amnesia” and “iron deficiency amnesia”.

In dilution amnesia, it is advised to take iron supplements. In case of the later your food needs to contain more iron. Red meat, tomatoes, spinach, fish, pork, chicken.

Another source is sea food. It is enriched with omega-3 fatty acid and iron. But there are fishes with high mercury contents. These types are very harmful for the baby. It hamper the growth of its brain and makes it a long term issue. Harming the fetus can never be an option. Smaller fishes like salmon, catfish, Pollock, shrimp are good to have but shark, swordfish, tile fish, king mackerel are no option in such time. Benefits of soy protein is also worth mentioning in this case.

Some mothers tend to love undercooked or raw food but that is not acceptable in pregnancy. Any raw food along with anything underdone contains great amount of bacteria which may harm the baby. The fetus is prone to such risks. The mother can be affected with food- poisoning. Salmonella, e-coli and campylobacteriosis are some serious infection to avoid in such cases. Some of the infection could be fatal for your baby. Listeriosis is one of them which may result into premature deliver or still birth or even miscarriage. This unfortunate mishaps can be avoided with proper care. As a precaution you check the expiry date before buying anything.

Expecting and craving mothers often crave for caffeine as it refreshes their minds. But pregnant women must reduce the consumption of coffee as it has lots of disadvantages. Even consumption of hot chocolates are said to be harmful as they effect the iron content in the body. Therefore, pregnant woman must try herbal coffee in place of the caffeinated one. This coffee detoxifies the effects of harmful substances and protects the body from anemia.

Hormonal imbalance and lactose may lead to diarrhea in pregnant women. If a woman suffers from this problem she must recheck her diet and cut down the consumption of food which leads to such problems. They must make sure that they do not have food from unhygienic places. It is wise to have mild food which do affect the health of the expecting mothers.

During pregnancy women are more prone to the problems of stomach flu. The viruses which cause this flu affect the small intestines of the pregnant women. In case of a stomach flu one must beware of the food they eat. Vomiting, pain in the abdominal, dehydration and nausea are the symptoms of stomach flu.

It is very important for an expecting woman to maintain a healthy diet during her pregnancy. Little complications in her health will affect the health of the baby. Apart from following a particular diet pregnant women must also exercise daily so that she does not face much complications during her delivery. It is also important to keep the nearby surrounding clean in order to give a better upbringing to your baby.

So keeping all these facts on mind will help in your parenthood and your baby will definitely get benefits of all the habits. Sometimes parental yoga helps a lot and turns out to be very effective for the parent. A healthy and happy mother will create the best ambience to nurture the little one.

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