Disposable Washcloths for Your Baby

Are you planning for an occasional trip to Europe or Hawaii or some long business trips? Or are you worried about the safe and hygienic bathing of your baby? If you or your baby is sensitive to pre-moistened wipes, you should be very choosy about your wash cloths. Nothing will be more suitable to you than the disposable washcloth. And if it is related to baby care, you should be extra-choosy of the disposable washcloths for your baby.

In addition to the dryness and softness that it provides, the disposable washcloths are aromatic and provide you with soothing scents too. You can get non-scented ones also. In view of the ease of usability and a host of other advantages, this product is best suited for the delicate skin of your kids. When you use these products, you do not have to launder, fold or store. Throw it after using. These are available in the market in packs of 24, 48 or more. Costs vary according to the size, contents per packet and quality.

How to make the Best Choice?

Irrespective of your purpose- travel, personal care or child care; you should look into certain aspects, while purchasing disposable washcloths. For instance, if you are on a travel, the scented ones will be your best choice because it gives a cool, soothing and refreshing effect. On the other hand, if you are concerned for the Causes of Fussy baby at Night, you should opt for the non-perfumed ones. You can take the following tips into consideration while buying washcloths.


Depending upon the availability, you should go in for the ones, packed in pop-up boxes. This will facilitate throwing it out without having to soil the balance washcloths in the same pack.

Flushable Wipes

The disposability of the product implies that you cannot flush or re-use them. Yet, there are some brands of this product that are flushable. Depending upon your personal needs, you can make your own choice


If you have allergic reaction to perfume, it is always advisable to go in for the non-perfumed washcloth,. Since babies and elderly persons are found allergic to perfumes, do not go in for the scented ones for them. You can also opt for the non-perfumed ones if needed.

Soap-Included Washcloth

 Most of the washcloths are free from any ingredient of soap. Yet there are some brands that come with the ingredient of soap. If you intend to have washcloth for general invalid bathing, you should opt for the soap-included washcloths.

Best Brands

Most importantly, when you use disposable washcloth, you have the least risk of contamination of sweat, feces or urines. Such situation may arise if you have no facilities for taking bath or washing your hands regularly. There are a number of brands in the market that provide wide range of features, pros and cons. But the washcloths with good quality are not necessarily costlier. If you find them catering to your current requirements, you may choose any one of the following reputed brands.


Huggies has an established reputation in the market; both for baby diapers and for dry cloths. Their products are function-oriented, and durable. You will be at much ease and convenience while using their products. You need to simply to dry them in a micro-wave, use it for wiping your baby and dispose it off. Some babies may find its strong scent uncomfortable. Being the most reputed brand, Huggies products are costlier as compared to other brands. It is about $3.99 to 4.5 for 20 pieces.

Johnson & Johnson

This brand is best suited for the newborns because of its extra-softness that has been tested in clinics and proved good. Since they do not contain any soap or dyes, they can be ideally used for babies. Because of the best quality, this brand is the costliest of all other brands. It cost about $4.49 for 10 pieces.

From the above review it can be observed by moms that the disposable washcloth is a must in their shopping list. It is meant not only the bathing you baby, they are equally useful for those concerned for skin care. You have nothing to worry about your cleanliness and hygiene, if you carry a pack of washable cloths with you, when you are travelling out of your home.

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