Different Prenatal Yoga Positions

Before we learn about Benefits Of Soy Protien we should learn how beneficial it is to indulge in Prenatal exercise routines. These yoga exercises are considered to be very safe for baby and mother. Experts always encourage women to get into yoga while they are pregnant as it helps them to relax their body and mind. Yoga is often combined with cardio exercises for good results. Indulging in yoga helps to prevent health problems like prolapsed organs, constipation, strained ligaments and hip-pain.

The types of yoga that you can do while in pregnancy

As a pregnant woman there are many kinds of yogic poses that you can follow to help your mind and body relax during pregnancy. Here is a comprehensive list of all the poses that you can use.

Baddha Konasana

This posture would require one to sit down as it helps to open up the pelvis. You have to make sure that your hip sits on the mattress properly, as this will strengthen your posture. During this posture you can take the liberty of placing towels or pillows under the knees to eliminate hyperextension of the hips.

Method of execution

  • You should sit up straight with your back against the wall and the soles of your feet should be in contact with one another.
  • Gradually put your knees down and put them far from the other but do not apply force.
  • Try to stay in this position as long as possible.

Pelvic tilt

This particular position is also known as the cat cow posture and is very helpful in getting rid of any back pain.

Method of execution

  • You will have to get down on your knees and hand, place your arms shoulder distance apart and your knees hip distance apart.
  • Make sure your arms are straight keep your butts tucked as you inhale
  • Come back to your normal posture and try to relax while exhaling and go through the process again.


This pose helps to build stability, strength and the power to maintain a strong posture.

Method of execution

  • You need to stand with feet hip distance apart and your heels have to be in an outward position
  • Make sure your arms are pointing downwards, position your pelvis far from the lower back
  • Maintain normal breathing pattern keeping your shoulders relaxed
  • Keep very still while in this posture


This pose increases your stamina, improves balance and concentration, and also relieves backaches.

Method of execution

  • Firstly you will have to kneel down with a straight back, you have to then take a step forward by placing your right foot forward.
  • Place your left leg firmly on the ground, you must then begin to stretch and bend the right leg gradually.
  • You must then lift the arms and hook the thumbs

Poses that you should avoid during pregnancy

You should know that not all yoga poses should be done during pregnancy as they can cause injury. So here is a list of certain exercises that you can avoid.

  • Twisting postures: Avoid performing intense twisting movements from the stomach area than can pressurize internal organs like the uterus so avoid this posture at any cost
  • Pranayama: This type of yoga will require you to breathe very rapidly and you should refrain from doing this.
  • Wheel pose: Since this posture would require you to bend your back you should avoid doing this.

Relaxin is a hormone that your body produces during pregnancy that will soften ligaments and bones to add space for your baby. Sometimes this softening can be very vulnerable for your health; so you need to be very careful when you are doing those exercises. Do keep your trimester in mind before you do the exercises.

Get a good instructor who specializes in yoga for pregnant women. The instructor will also give you valuable information on Prenatal Nutrition. You should remember not to overdo these exercises as you need to take rest. Drink a lot of water at all times before and after exercising. Try to get into the yoga exercises slowly do not push your body too much.

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