Choosing A Bassinet Or Crib

It is always an issue of great confusion for the parents to make correct decisions regarding the nursing of the new born baby. And when it comes to selecting the sleeping furniture for the baby, carelessness should not be shown. It is always recommended that the baby and parents should share the same room but not the same furniture while sleeping. This is because it lowers the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). And it is also convenient for the parents to feed and control the baby at night. As mentioned by the doctors, the newborns should have at least 10 hours of undisturbed sleep. Therefore, coziness of the baby while sleeping should always be kept in mind.

Parents often feel puzzled while making the correct choice between bassinet and crib. Here are certain points that the parents must consider while making a choice between the two. They are as follows:


Bassinets are generally smaller in size which renders more comfort to the newborns. On the other hand, cribs are a bit larger in size making it a better option for the baby of more than 3 months.

Convinience In Handling

Both the options are portable and are more or less convenient to handle.

Weight Carrying Capability

As bassinets are smaller in size as compared to cribs, so the weight carrying capacity is limited and is decided by the manufacturer, whereas, cribs are a more comfortable option when the baby requires a bit more space to move.


Cribs are a bit more expensive than bassinets.


Bassinets should be preferred during the initial months of the newborn, say up to 3-4 months. After that cribs can be used for the next few years.

Making The Correct Choice

While buying furniture for the baby, one must carefully observe the JPMA seal on it as the standards set by it are safer and stricter than those specified by CPSC. This is because safety should always be kept in mind.


  • Choose a bassinet having wide base with a secured bottom so that it is capable of carrying the weight of the baby.
  • The folding legs of the bassinet should contain a locking mechanism in order to avoid any accidents.
  • The baby often gets rolled and reaches the edges in case of bassinets possessing rocking features. Such bassinets should be avoided as it leads to suffocation.


  • The baby often get trapped between the rail and the mattress due to the up and down movement of the side rails attached to the cribs. Therefore, the sale of such cribs having adjustable side rails is banned by the CPSC.
  • The end panel and the corner posts should be on the same level in height.
  • When the top rails of the crib sides are raised, it should be approximately 66 centimeters above the support of the mattress from the lowest location.

Important Things To Be Kept In Mind

  • It is important to choose a firm mattress which is perfectly fit as soft mattress causes SIDS.
  • No projecting hardware should be present on the sleeping expanse of the baby to avoid any injury to the baby.
  • In order to avoid any accidental rolling, the wheels (if any) should always be locked properly.

Certain Precautions While Using Any Of The Furnitures

  • Use of used and old bassinets/cribs should be avoided.
  • The baby should always be laid to sleep on his back.
  • The mattress should be instantly replaced once a gap is observed between the crib/bassinet and the mattress.
  • Packaging material of plastic should be strictly avoided. This is important for the care of the baby’s skin.
  • Placing blankets, soft toys and pillows in the baby’s sleeping region should be avoided in order to avoid suffocation.

Generally bassinets are preferred more than cribs considering it to be more comfortable and soft. However, it can only be used till the time the baby exceeds in size and weight as fixed by the manufacturer. It often proves to be expensive as bassinets need to be replaced by another furniture once the baby grows larger than the recommended size and weight. On the other hand, buying a crib for the baby proves to be economical. Parents can also opt for convertible cribs.


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