How To Care Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is a best feeling in the world. As you hold the baby in your hands, you decide to protect him and love him forever. However, if you are being mother for the first time, there are several challenges that you will encounter. In this article, we will help you to take care of your newborn with ease and also completely enjoy your motherhood without any tensions.

There are few tips as on how to take care of your newborn baby

Complete Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important aspect while taking care of the newborn. As the immune system of the baby is not fully developed, it is important to keep in mind personal as well as baby hygiene. Always wash your hands and legs before holding the baby. Baby should also be given bath on every alternate day and his clothes should be changed every day. The bedding of the baby should also be completely clean.

The clothes of the baby must also be sanitized and then cleaned. The nails of the babies tend to grow really fast; hence they should be regularly cut as baby can catch infection from dirty nails and can even scratch himself. If you are feeding your baby with the bottle, it is necessary to sterilize the bottle at regular intervals of time as otherwise there might be danger of contacting various infections.

Change Diapers

Diapers should be clean and sanitized before putting on the baby. There are several readymade diapers available in the market. Well, one can also use cloth diapers for your baby as they can be cleaned and used again. While putting diapers to the baby, it is important to check and change the same at regular intervals of time. If the baby is kept in the wet diapers for long duration, he or she can develop cough and cold. Applying diapers for the long time also leads to development of the diaper rash; hence it is good to invest in some good quality diaper rash cream for the baby.

How to Hold the Baby?

Holding the baby is a great joy, but there are certain precautions which need to be followed. Babies are very soft and tender and they cannot support their body weight. It is necessary to support the head and neck of the baby with your hands all the time. If you do not support the head of the baby, there could be some damage as well. Never jerk or play with your newborn as they are very small to handle all these physical activities.


While sleeping the head of the baby must be changed from left to right at night to avoid flat head. Never awake your baby as sleeping helps in development and growth the newborn. It is important for the baby to sleep at least 16 hours a day.

 Comfort Your Baby

Crying is the only way babies communicate. It is important for the parents to understand what the baby wants to say. Most of the time, babies just need comfort and want you to be near to him or her as he feels secured then. Always comfort your baby with stroking and also talk to him in soft sounds. All the babies respond to the sounds that help in forming bond with the mothers.

Feed Your Baby

Feeding your baby is most important part of motherhood. One should feed their baby for at least 6 months of age and even after that. This is the only way baby receives all the essential nutrients from the mother that helps him in fighting various kinds of diseases and infections. Mothers should nurse the baby around 9-10 times in a day. Healthy baby gains weight regularly.


One can easily follow the above given tips to take care of their newborn. In addition, one can also follow kangaroo care method that has been developed to take care of pre mature baby.  These tips are handy and reliable, and will definitely help you to carry out the duties of motherhood smoothly. So, get ready to enjoy the best part of your life, that is motherhood without any worries.

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