Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

There is no doubt that prenatal massage helps to improve mental health of a woman who is expecting a baby. Pregnancy can be a very difficult phase to go through as a woman experiences a series of health conditions such as swelling ankles, back pain, hip pain and sciatica. You can always indulge in Prenatal Yoga to eliminate some discomfort and to relieve stress.

Benefits of Prenatal massage

Like every other therapeutic massage has benefits prenatal massage also has its share of benefits. This massage helps to take the stress out for pregnant women both mentally and physically. So let us look at the benefits of this massage.

  • Helps to improve muscle tone and provides relief from stiffening, tightening and cramping of muscles
  • The massage helps in blood circulation that will provide a steady supply of oxygen for the baby. This will eliminate or reduce swelling of the leg area.
  • The massage eliminates back pain caused by the alteration in the posture of the body
  • The skin shows drastic improvement and so the chances of developing ugly stretch marks is eliminated
  • The massage is said to remove hormones that cause a lot of stress and so a pregnant woman can be free from nervousness, depression and anxiety. If the mind is free from stress then overall health will flourish.

Procedure of carrying out this massage

Make note that this massage should be performed by a qualified therapist who is trained to handle pregnant women. You must note that there are specific therapists who only deal with prenatal massage. Since a woman’s health is delicate during pregnancy this massage has to be done very carefully. The therapists should decide the intensity of pressure to be used and the kind of strokes that should be applied.
During the period of pregnancy women do not like lying on their stomach because their breasts are swollen and tender. In this case a special table is used by the therapist to provide maximum comfort to a pregnant woman. Typically the room in which the massage takes place has soft music with soothing lighting, this setting helps to keep the woman calm and relax.

The techniques used

The therapist often uses scented oil or lotion while conducting prenatal massages. In case one is not very comfortable with scented lotions or oils you there is always an option of using non scented oils. The massage usually commences from the bottom of the neck and then the goes down the spine area. This massage does not apply too much of pressure. The lower back region is given a miss in the massage. Gentle strokes are repeated till all the muscles are completely relaxed

It is noticed that hip area tends to be very sore and so gentle massaging in that area will help eliminate a lot of the discomfort. Massage in the abdomen region is avoided as it may dislocate the placenta. During the advanced stages of pregnancy massage in the abdomen area is done with open palm with circular clockwise movements.

The legs are massaged next; the soft fist and palms are used in this region. The massage usually begins near the ankles and then goes up to the thighs. The area near the ankles and the hip is gently massaged using extended strokes. Massaging the inner region of the thighs is avoided. This massage facilitates good circulation of blood and eliminates swelling of the ankles. The feet and hands are massaged with small circular movements. The feet are given a light massage without applying too much pressure. The massage usually takes about an hour.

If you feel any discomfort during the massage you should ask your therapist to stop immediately. Usually, these massages are very safe. Women who have problems like stomach infections, blood pressure, contagious illness, diabetes and heavy discharge should not go for this massage without consulting a doctor. If a woman has some wounds of infections they can worsen after a massage. So always consult a doctor, maybe the doctor will suggest you to do Yoga During Pregnancy instead of going for a massage in the first place. Doing yoga can also reduce stress of the mind and body.

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