Basic Bottle Feeding Information

Before you even learn how to Choose Bath Products For Your Baby you must learn a few things on bottle feeding. You have to pay attention to a lot of things before you switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. A lot of women feel that by indulging in breastfeeding they develop a stronger connection with their child, well that is not completely true. It is actually bottle feeding that allows to you bond better with your child

 Introducing bottle-feeding to the baby

The good news is that there is no particular time for introducing the bottle to your baby. You will notice that your baby nurses much less than before and that is a sign that your baby is ready for bottle feeding. You can always start out by giving expressed milk to your baby and then maybe shift to formula.

Buying the right bottle for your baby

Baby feeding bottles are found in glass and plastic. Plastic ones are better as they do not break and are quite lightweight. When you buy plastic bottles you must make sure that they are BPA free. The bottle nipples are made of many materials such as latex or silicone and you find them in different sizes. No matter which type you choose simply make sure that the size of the hole is correct and that the flow of milk is not restricted. You must also know that you should change the nipples regularly as they tend to wear out due to prolonged use.

Using baby formula

 When it comes to using the baby formula you should stick to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You must add any extra quantity or even try to dilute it. Try to use formula that is iron fortified. Use boiled water after it has cooled down. Try to use room temperature water. The one thing that you should avoid is you should use cold water and put it in the microwave. You must remember that a microwave does not heat food evenly, so there is risk of the baby burning his mouth. The bottle may also give away when being heated in a microwave.

You must remember to give the bottle a good shaking and also check the temperature of the bottle. Put a drop on your palm to check the temperature. If there is any formula left in the bottle make sure to discard it. If there is any prepared formula in the bottle that has not been refrigerated for more than an hour should not be used.

Place your baby in a proper position

Firstly make sure that the baby is wearing a bib and place the baby at an inclined angle this helps to eliminate gas in the stomach and the baby is able to breathe well. You must provide strong support to the head area while your baby is drinking. Always be there to supervise while your baby is drinking the formula.

The quantity that should be fed to a baby

A new born baby should consume just about 2 ounces in a single dose.  Try to increase the quantity slowly and do not push it. Do not think that your baby will consume the whole formula at one go, but do not force them to consume it. Sometimes you will find your baby totally uninterested in consuming the formula and this is something that you should not be alarmed about. After your baby has finished consuming the dose of formula you must get the baby to burp.

When you decide to feed your baby is totally up to you and should not be based on others opinions. If you do have any doubts you can speak to a child specialist who will guide you through the entire process. You should know that every baby has his own schedule of feeding and it will take you some time to adjust to the time table. Bottle feeding is the ideal way to bond with your baby in the long run. Becoming a mother is a wonderful thing to experience but there also responsibilities that come along with it. Visiting a child specialist will teach you how to Bond With Your Baby In The womb.

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